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Thursday, March 21, 2013

About Me

Contrary to popular belief, I don't really enjoy writing about me.  I had to complete this for my Etsy shop and have been very lazy about getting it done.  So, here it is. All about me!

I remember the first time I created something special. I had a big dream and had created my own world which I drew on my brothers bedroom walls. Unfortunately I my "big dreams" didn't include getting in "big trouble". So after that I stuck to paper and crayons. Still, I was always an imaginative kid. At recess, I made enormous cities in the dirt on hills where ants could travel. We dug tunnels and created an entire world. At the beach where we stayed at length in the summer, we would do more than dig holes and build sand castles, we would make detailed stories, and play for hours using our imaginations making villages, large animal sculptures and intricate images in the sand.

I was heavily influenced by my musical father and free natured mother. Music and art were a big part of my childhood.

I trudged through school and remember telling myself would just die if I had to get a job that was "inside". I laugh at this now because that is what I eventually did of course, but not with any level of pleasure or sense of commitment. I went to art school and ran out of money. So I pretty quickly realized that finding a job was kind of important and the whole "Art thing" became a hobby than a way of life

I moved to San Francisco and started working in banking making great money as a single woman. Money turned out to be a good motivator. Enough to put Art on the back burner. I worked and played for a good long while and then decided I wasn't fulfilled. No surprise there!

I moved to Taiwan where I lived for over a year and met my future husband, came back to the US in a terrible economy and developed a small side business with my brother to pay rent. After my husband and I got married, I got hired for a well known company as a High Tech Executive Recruiter. As our family grew and my husband became more knowledgeable in his work, it afforded me the opportunity to stay at home with the kids. We felt being with them in the formative years was important.

I dabbled as an Executive Recruiter too. I was able to secure contracts and find people work which is exciting and fulfilling. But my art kept sneaking in. I would find myself re-purposing something found or taking a project I planned for one of my kids and then going over the top making it bigger and more complex for my own satisfaction while they excuses themselves to play with friends or do something else. I was familiar with Etsy and could see all the different artists work thinking "I can do that" or "I want to try that."

It was then that I realized I have nothing to lose by posting something for 20 cents, right? Well that started the whole process. Building enough to put in my store, marketing, blog and everything else that I had NO IDEA was involved, but LOVE! And I have to thank Etsy for that. I never would have been brave enough to embark into this art business world.

I have only just begun, but I feel empowered now. I have sold my craft pieces, and I have also sold my fine art pieces. That makes me SO proud and motivated to do more and create everyday. My shop isn't always perfect. I want to separate my paper goods from my sculptures from my fine art, from my re-purposed and up-cycled pieces. Create separate shops for each. But fulfilling those bigger dreams will come in time. It is more important for now, that I just keep creating. I am so happy to follow what I love. Life is what happens when you aren't paying attention or attacking it with intention. So no regrets, just reaffirmation of my life's calling.

Please feel free to visit my shop anytime. I love the visits and the opportunity to see your work, too. I am an avid supporter of my fellow artists and bloggers, and am always available for help, questions, advice, or suggestions for improvement.

I really hope you find something in my shop you like enough to make it your own. In advance, thank you for getting to know me a bit and, dare I say, for buying at least one of my handmade original pieces!

Sincerely and Appreciatively,

Lisa van Heerden
Owner, Creator, Artist and Dreamer

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