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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Craft Show Know How? Tips for us Newbies!

I am just starting my "Art Business" and feel positive that if I could just get people to see my art I would surely get more sales and possibly even a more loyal fan base.  So as a newbie, I want to do a "HOLLA": Have you participated in a craft show?  What are your suggestions for others? 

  1. How much product should I make?  
  2. Which crafts shows should I select?  
  3. How do you find good craft shows?  
  4. What about larger shows that ask you for pictures when you haven't even done a craft show yet? 
  5. How much should I pay when just starting? 
  6. How do I know it will be worth it - Will I make my money back? 
  7. What do you use for displays?
  8. How do you package your product?
  9. What are some cool business card/branding ideas?
These are all questions I have, so I suspect others have them as well!  If you are experienced and have done some craft shows, please please please - leave a comment with your wisdom!  Thank you!

1 comment:

  1. I learned that NC Triangle Street Team announces craft shows each week. I will post a link to them. They are wonderful if you are in the NC Triangle area.


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