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Friday, March 15, 2013

Birthday Favor Cups - More Paper Goods

Set of 6 Birthday Party Favor Boxes, Birthday Favors, Party Decor for Girls, Pink Party, Paper Holders, Kids Party Favor Boxes

Set of 6 Birthday Treat Holders:  $18.50USD

Birthday Favor Boxes  have a very simple design that compliment a wide range of party themes. Each birthday favor box is handmade & hand-folded with a yellowish-white ribbon. A birthday cake has been hand stamped on a paper embellishment then inked and embossed to raise the edges with gold color. Very classy and perfect for tea parties, birthday parties and cute little princesses!

These pink party treat holders can be placed upright on a table or given as favor gifts at end of party. They make perfect sized children's favor cups. A great way to fancy up a simple celebration with your family, or to spoil your guests! 
Small Treat Holders measure two inches wide at base and three inches at top. They are approximately 3.25 inches tall by one half a centimeter in width.

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