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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Items from Etsy Shop!
I have been re-purposing some boxes lately and just love how they are turning out!  These special occasion gift boxes are wonderful for one of a kind presentations to that special someone.  This particular gift box has a spring themed blue & gray color palette.

This gift box is decorated with patterned paper, white lace ribbon, blue & white flowers, and sheer ribbon. It is embellished with a clear gem in the center of the flowers and bow.  Interior of gift box is decorated with same color pattern and design pattern so that the box is completely converted from its original.

Special Occasion Decorative Box
$12.75USD+ Shipping

Sides of handmade gift box have been sanded and inked. Some of the original box color comes through, but I think this gives is a lovely rustic effect and an extra level of visual interest. This special box is wonderful decor at springtime, Easter or any classy occasion. Because of the colors, it can be used as a gift for a man or an older boy or even a wedding!

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